V8 Hotstox

V8 Hotstox

V8 Hotstox took the tracks by storm in 1984 and are affiliated to the BSCDA. This means they have the full support of the BSCDA and are covered by the Benevolent Fund. There is a Board of Control for the V8 Hotstox which controls the day to day running of the formula.

The V8 Hotstox is great if you’re aiming at a long term race series or as a stepping stone; learning race craft and getting track experience before heading to the BriSCA F1 series. Top drivers like Andy Smith, Stuart Smith Jnr, Ed Neachell, Paul Hines, Ray Witts, Karl Hawkins, Phoebe Wainman plus many more; all started racing the V8 Hotstox before pursuing a career in BriSCA F1 Stock Cars.

The V8 Hotstox are full sized Stock Cars just like the BriSCA F1s, but instead use a Rover V8 for power with controlled rules on tyres, suspensions and engines; making the V8s a cheaper option to race and allows for entertaining action whenever they appear. Unlike circuit racing, Stock Car racing sees the stars of the sport start at the rear of the grid; to win they have to force themselves through the grids of cars with use of the front bumper being allowed. It is a contact sport, but out and out wrecking tactics are not allowed.

V8 Hotstox operate a fixture list of approximately 25 meetings. Second hand cars are sold on average between £3,000 and £10,000 depending on spec but there are usually cars to suit all budgets. They run two control tyres; the outside rear Kingpin is set at £32; the rally Indysport tyre is set at £60; both must be bought through the Board of Control. Cams for the 3.9 and 4.2 engines must also be bought through the Board of Control at a cost of £250.

Unlike other motorsports, there is no entry fee to race each event, an annual licence fee is charged which grants the driver plus one other a pass into each event. The formula does not pay to race and generally doesn’t receive prize money (aside from championships or sponsored events which is improving season on season with decent rewards for drivers efforts). A £5 scrutineering fee is charged at each meeting per driver (Plus a £1 voluntary fee to help subsidise foreign entries at Championships). This money goes back into the club to help run the formula such as prize money, functions, social events etc.

In the V8s, there are a significant number of trophies and Championships up for grabs for everyone throughout the grid; be it the main four titles – British, European, National Points or World Final, to the Whites and Yellows series; The 25 and Under Young Guns trophy, Novice of the Year or Challenge Series which is more often than not won by a lower grader. There is something for everyone to aim for at all levels.

For more information visit www.v8hotstox.com