BriSCA Management Board – Statement

BriSCA Management Board – Statement

13 January 2022 Off By bscda

Discussions have been ongoing for many weeks to complete the 2022 BriSCA F1 calendar and a centre focus of the sports is which venue is to host the all important World Final.

Buxton Raceway have the entitlement to host the event for 2022 and both BSCDA and BriSCA have held a series of meetings with the promoter to finalise plans for the World Final and the venue. These have been supportive and constructive from all sides to reach an equitable solution and what benefits the sport. We apologise that, by necessity, these discussions have been elongated to engineer the most attractive solution possible and achieve everyone’s ambitions.

Matt Watson plans and is committed to considerable investment into the raceway in terms of upgrades however, in the final analysis and in no small part, Covid uncertainties have precluded a much earlier start to planned works than may have been envisaged and rather than compromise this major event, it has been agreed that Mr Watson will for season 2022 operate his World Final elsewhere to allow him the security of further investment to host the World Final in the Peak District in the future.

BriSCA, the promoter and BSCDA have been in full consultation throughout and a creative solution has been resolved whereby the 2022 World Final will take place at IPSWICH on Saturday 10th September and creating further interest and a twist, the Friday night event will be hosted at Mildenhall Stadium. The two venues fit well and geographically for fans and accommodation.

Our relationship with Mainland Europe and the Netherlands is also a major consideration as with Covid, the last two years have been conflicted and it is important that both sides of the water move forwards together and rebuild post Covid and with Northampton Sunday, the spice of Mildenhall we feel will add interest and be attractive to drivers from both tarmac and shale.

Further information will be released by Buxton Raceway later in the month and the full BriSCA calendar issued asap.


for / on behalf British Stock Car Association [ BriSCA ] and BSCDA e/oe