Novice Of The Year

Novice Of The Year


The Novice of the Year is the only championship that a driver has one shot of winning. It is open to Novice drivers who will race amongst the rest of the drivers but score points separately for this title. It first ran in 1972 with John Park (157) the first winner of the Novice Of The Year title.

The title has had numerous formats over the year with it being a single race, a group of races, a points race and even voted on for the eventual winner. The format since 2002 has a been a points race over the entire season with a multiplier explained below, that is designed to reward drivers who climb the grades.

Due to the nature of the title there are usually only a few drivers who compete for this title yearly. Former winners include Quadruple World Champion Peter Falding, Double World Champion Tom Harris and the entire Hunter family. Warren (1990) and Sons Will (2014) and Henry (2015) are all former winners of this title which is a record as no other family has won the title three times.

The 2019 edition of the title was hotly contested between three former Ministox racers, Liam Gilbank (20) managing to see off a late charge from Charlie Sworder (5) with Courtney Witts (180) finishing third.

How it Works

The Novice Of The Year is a points based championship open to all Novice drivers.

A Novice is termed as any driver who will start the year as a white top, who has not taken part in more than three points meetings the previous season and has no previous experience in another adult formula. The drivers eligible for the Novice Of The Year will be decided by the BriSCA Grader.

The Novice Of The Year scores normal grading points but with a multiplier. The further up the grades a Novice climbs the more points they will score towards the Novice Of The Year. The multipliers are Whites x1, Yellows x2, Blues x3 and Reds & Superstars x4.

Current Champion – Callum Thornton (368)

Callum Thornton (368) – Photo: Colin Casserley

Title and Roof Colour

TitleNovice of the Year
Roof ColourNone

Full List of Winners

Novice Of The Year - event was run as a stand alone race between 1973 and 1989
1973White CityMartin Fernihough (208)Danny Clarke (203)George Rudd (241)
1974White CityJohn Thorpe (367)Pete Brown (21)Clive Moran (213)
1975Event not held
1976RochdaleAndy Stott (160)John Lund (53)Brian Whorton (408)
1977White CityBernard Poyser (435)Pete Hodgson (131)Colin Townson (58)
1978BradfordJohn Lund (95)Pete Denning (189)Colin Gautry (488)
1979White CityRichard Ahern (18)Alex McDade (29)Neil Brigg (87)
1980Belle VueKevin Bentham (480)Arthur Gibson (357)Bob Forrest (464)
1981BradfordPeter Morton (132)Ian Smith (367)Steve Froggart (240)
1982RochdaleKeith Riley (382)Pete Billows (402)Iain Stirk (464)
1983NorthamptonPeter Falding (33)Russell Humphrey (113)Geoff Stagg (266)
1984SheffieldLes Mitchell (499)Vic Milner (41)Steve Sharp (223)
1985NorthamptonDave Johnson (383)--
1986NorthamptonAlan Jackson (42)Geoff Coales (115)Mark Webster (226)
1987BradfordMark Armirage (123)Al Bateman (361)Richard Dobson (10)
1988HednesfordMark Wareham (401)Andy Maynard (152)Scott MacKenzie (47)
1989ScunthorpeRichard Thorton (516)John Gibson (227)Andrew Cave (438)
First over the line in a Heat or Whites & Yellows race between 1990 and 2001
1990BostonWarren Hunter (20)
1991BostonCraig Smith (407)
1992Long EatonDaniel Harter (4)
1993StokeRichard Johnson (78)
1994StokeAndy Robinson (140)
1995NorthamptonTristen May (27)
1996SkegnessRichard Simmons (123)
1997Long EatonLee Mellor (181)
1998CoventryMike Dungale (28)
1999CoventryAlan Bedford (289)
2000SheffieldMatt Hodgson (103)
2001SwindonHarry Fowkes (203)
Season long points championship from 2002 onwards
2002Mat Newson (16)Andrew Swann (103)Mark Peters (231)
2003Mark Keeling (271)Craig Utley (484)James Lund (153)
2004Micky Randell (172)Gary Towsend (223)Andrew Bowler (348)
2005Tom Harris (84)Peter Blundell (156)Liam Brown (192)
2006Dan Johnson (4)Timmy Aldridge (257)Hayley Parkinson (54)
2007Ryan Harrison (197)Scott Davids (462)Billy-Tom O'Connor (318)
2008Danny Wainman (212)Spencer Taylor (498)Joe Booth (446)
2009Luke Dennis (192)--
2010Mike Kingston (488)Robert Braithwaite (253)Josh Smith (191)
2011Paul Carter (300)Nigel Harrhy (45)Rob Tunnah (505)
2012Martyn Walton (243)Sam Redman (248)Peter Allin (331) /John Hughes (255)
2013Jamie Jackson (377)Carl Swift (245)Alex Wass (283)
2014Will Hunter (220)Karl Roberts (313)Paul-Jay Lemons (444)
2015Henry Hunter (202)Ben Riley (422)Jordan Falding (36)
2016Matt Rogers (213)Aaron Leach (70)Sam Wass (284)
2017Harry Steward (126)Ant Whorton-Eales (408)Robert Plant (364)
2018Kyle Gray (124)Finn Sargent (526)Charlie Sworder (5)
2019Liam Gilbank (20)Charile Sworder (5)Courtney Witts (180)
2021Lewis Evans (392)Tyrone Evans (381)Jack Ryan (595)
2022Callum Thornton (368)Joshua Spiers (452)Lewis Galer (78)

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