Scoring System

Scoring System

Depending on car numbers there are three formats that can be used at any standard non-championship meeting. Car numbers usually dictate which format is used but this can differ from track to track. The formats are as follows:

  • Full format – this format is typically used when there is enough cars for two Heats to contain between 15-30 cars, each driver takes part in one Heat and the Consolation is the last opportunity to qualify.
  • 2/3rds format – this format is used when there aren’t quite enough cars for each driver to only race in one Heat. With this format, each driver will race in two out of the three Heats, so for example if there is thirty cars, twenty cars will race in each heat.
  • All in format – This format is typically used when the car count is too low to split the cars and as per its name, all cars will race in all races. This usually means two Heats, Final and Grand National.

Full Format




  • Different tracks will have different car limits so the number of qualifiers can vary but normally its anywhere between the top eight to top twelve in each race that’ll qualify.
  • Only drivers who qualify for the Grand Final will receive points, for example if only the top eight qualify then drivers in 9th–12th will not score points.

2/3rds Format or All In Format


  • Sometimes the Grand Final will be all in, but if it isn’t the qualifiers are determined by the points they scored in the Heats.
  • If a driver fails to score points in any of the Heats at a 2/3rds or all in meeting and the Grand Final does not require qualification then they will only receive Heat points in the Grand Final.

All Formats

The Grand Final and Grand National points system is the same irrespective of the format being run to qualify for the final.

Grand Final


Grand National

  • Half/Full Lap Handicap – the driver who wins the Grand Final will start the Grand National from the half/full lap handicap. For the whites & yellow grades this is behind the Superstar grade (half lap) but for all other graded drivers this is in front of the white grade (full lap).

Grand National – Half/Full Lap Handicap


If the driver gets into the points they will receive double points based on the points in the table above. If the driver is unable to register a points finish, but does finish, they will receive 5 points.