BSCDA Committee

BSCDA Committee

The BSCDA Committee are dedicated to promoting the sport and ensuring that all BriSCA F1 drivers are represented. They issued the following Mission Statement in 2016 which is behind all decisions made.

“The overall objective for the BSCDA committee in 2016 is to decrease the cost of racing for the majority of the drivers.

By looking at the issues within our control we aim to reduce the amount of money it takes to race a F1 Stock Car on a ‘per meeting’ basis.

We aim to maintain the stock element of our sport and steer away from specialised ‘racing’ parts. The committee will also aim to continue to improve the safety for drivers racing a F1 Stock Car.

Finally the committee will work closely with BriSCA and the BMB to ensure the overall package of F1 Stock Car racing continues to be an excellent product for the paying spectator.“

Throughout 2020 they will strive to continue with this objective.


Chairman – Peter Falding

Mat Newson (16)

Bradley Harrison (25)

Mick Sworder (150)

Paul Hines (259)

Stuart Smith Jnr (390)

Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)

Dave Riley

Anthony Flanagan

Secretary – Sophie Clark

If you have a problem, question or query please don’t ring the Chairman every time, contact the appropriate person from the list below depending on the subject of your call. At a race meeting please seek out a Committee Member who is not racing on the day.

BSCDA Chairman – General Overview

Peter Falding – 07778 163336

Disciplinary Matters

Paul Hines – 07957 286117

Car Specification

Peter Falding – 07778 163336

Mat Newson – 07826 842622

Trust Fund – Injury Claims

Anthony Flanagan – 07710 043636

Overseas, Championships, NEC, Venues etc

Guy Parker – 07976 179175

Licensing, Membership, Returnable Trophies, Newsletter Adverts and General Secretarial Matters:

Sophie Clark – 07961 820884 or

Raceday Issues

Peter Falding, Frankie Wainman Jnr, Stuart Smith Jnr, Bradley Harrison, Dave Riley or Mick Sworder (if not racing)


Grading/All Points Matters

Nigel Anderson – 01287 676510 / 07738 431987 or

New Car Technical Scrutineering

Peter Falding – 07778 163336

Post Race Scrutineering

Dave Riley – 07956 199936