Harry Smith Memorial

Harry Smith Memorial

The Harry Smith Memorial trophy is to remember Harry racing under number 219 initially, before changing to number 100. He had a reputation as a hard racer and had it not been for his many temporary retirements during his eighteen year career, he may have been even more successful. Harry took many wins during his career including the bumper trophy in 1984.

Sadly Harry lost his life in 1990 when he was involved in a tragic car accident close to his home in Colne.

The trophy, first introduced by the late Stuart Bamforth at the Bradford World Final in 1990, to be presented to the Grand Final winner, would continue to this day.

Full List Of Winners

1990BradfordRichard Mason (202)Dave Berresford (260)John Lund (53)
1991HednesfordChris Elwell (501)Nigel Whorton (422)Steve Hodgson (172)
1992BradfordRichard Mason (202)Andy Hodgson (272)Danny Clarke (203)
1993CoventryIan Platts (77)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Dave McCrudden (192)
1994BradfordRichard Mason (202)Peter Falding (33)Kev Smith (64)
1995HednesfordIan Platts (77)Gaz Bott (41)Murray Harrison (97)
1996CoventryBarry Heath (343)Andy Jacklin (137)Frankie Wainman (212)
1997BradfordMurray Harrison (97)Gary Utley (489)Dave Berresford (260)
1998CoventryDave Johnson (383)Paul Harrison (2)Rob Pearce (175)
1999CoventryJohn Wright (128)Andy Smith (391)Richard Mason (202)
2000CoventryTony Williams (83)Murray Harrison (97)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
2001HednesfordAndy Smith (391)Neil Scothern (152)Paul Harrison (2)
2002CoventryStuart Finnikin (155)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Chris Brocksopp (338)
2003CoventryDave Nickolls (242)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Mick Harris (8)
2004CoventryMick Harris (8)Barry Heath (343)Kev Smith (64)
2005NorthamptonPaul Harrison (2)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Ray Witts (180)
2006CoventryFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Will Yarrow (22)Mark Woodhull (335)
2007King's LynnFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Dave Willis (337)Karl Gilbert (46)
2008IpswichFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Paul Harrison (2)James Lund (153)
2009King's LynnDave Willis (337)Simon Panton (288)Murray Harrison (97)
2010CoventryDan Johnson (4)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Les Spencer (98)
2011NorthamptonTom Harris (84)Chris Cowley (37)Danny Wainman (212)
2012SkegnessEd Neachell (321)Paul Harrison (2)Lee Robinson (H107)
2013King's LynnMat Newson (16)Dan Johnson (4)Mark Gilbank (21)
2014CoventryMick Sworder (150)Tom Harris (1)Lee Fairhurst (217)
2015King's LynnMat Newson (16)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Craig Finnikin (55)
2016CoventryMick Sworder (150)Paul Harrison (2)Mark Gilbank (21)
2017IpswichStuart Smith Jnr (390)Ron Kroonder (H217)Harry Steward (126)
2018SkegnessNigel Green (445)Paul Hines (259)Tom Harris (84)
2019King's LynnLee Fairhurst (217)Craig Finnikin (55)Gert Jan Klok (H152)
2020Event not held---
2021BradfordJelle Tesselaar (H410)Nigel de Kock (525)Paul Hines (259)