Long Track World Championship

Long Track World Championship

The Long Track World Championship is a former overseas title in Holland ran at the old Baarlo track. Baarlo was a unique track and larger than anything in the UK. With long straights and tight corners speeds were very high and it posed a challenge for driver and car alike.

The first staging in 1978 was won by Frans Meeuwissen (H76). The following year Andy Stott (160) and Bert Finnikin (55) made it a one and two for the UK Registered drivers.

With five wins a piece Rien Rutjens (H15) and Ron Kroonder (H217) sit at the top of the most wins chart, both also taking four wins in a row at the fast Baarlo track. Top UK registered driver is Peter Falding (33) netting himself three wins.

The championship was demised when the track closed with Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) taking victory in the final ever running of the championship. Racing began at the nearby Venray track and the World Cup was created.

Most Wins By A Driver

1Rien Rutjens (H15)5
=Ron Kroonder (H217)5
3Peter Falding (33)3
4Friedhelm Welters (H8)2

Most Podiums By A Driver

1Ron Kroonder (H217)8
2Rien Rutjens (H15)7
3Piet Keijzer (H10)5
=Friedhelm Welters (H8)5
5Peter Falding (33)4
=John Lund (53)4
=Louw Wobbes (H22)4
8Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)3
=Stuart Smith (391/1)3
10Richard Ainsworth (354)2
=Chris Elwell (501)2
=Wiel Neiling (H48)2

Full List Of Winners

1978BaarloFrans Meeuwissen (H76)Stuart Smith (391)Dave Mellor (304)
1979BaarloAndy Stott (160)Bert Finnikin (55)Hoss Fernihough (208)
1980BaarloFriedhelm Welters (H8)John Hillam (229)Rien Rutjens (H15)
1981BaarloWiel Neiling (H48)Brent Savage (130)George Kroonder (H217)
1982BaarloRien Rutjens (H15)Wiel Neiling (H48)Friedhelm Welters (H8)
1983BaarloRien Rutjens (H15)Stuart Smith (1)Piet Keijzer (H10)
1984BaarloRien Rutjens (H15)Stuart Smith (1)Richard Ainsworth (354)
1985BaarloRien Rutjens (H15)Friedhelm Welters (H8)Richard Ainsworth (354)
1986BaarloFriedhelm Welters (H8)Rien Rutjens (H15)Piet Keijzer (H10)
1987BaarloRien Rutjens (H15)Friedhelm Welters (H8)Piet Keijzer (H10)
1988BaarloPeter Falding (33)John Lund (53)Koos Peeters (H73)
1989BaarloPeter Falding (33)Chris Elwell (501)Nigel Whorton (422)
1990BaarloJohn Lund (53)Ron Kroonder (H217)Rob Visscher (H4)
1991BaarloRon Kroonder (H217)John Lund (53)Piet Keijzer (H10)
1992BaarloPeter Falding (33)John Lund (53)Chris Elwell (501)
1993BaarloRon Kroonder (H217)Louw Wobbes (H22)Martin Verhoef (H8)
1994BaarloRon Kroonder (H217)Piet Keijzer (H10)Peter Falding (33)
1995BaarloRon Kroonder (H217)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Andy Smith (391)
1996BaarloRon Kroonder (H217)Louw Wobbes (H22)Chris Bimmel (H77)
1997BaarloLouw Wobbes (H22)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Ron Kroonder (H217)
1998BaarloFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Ron Kroonder (H217)Louw Wobbes (H22)