Grand Prix Series

Grand Prix Series

The Grand Prix Series began in 1979 at Bradford with Stuart Smith (391) taking the first three stagings of this event, backing his 1979 win up with a win at Leicester in 1980 and Long Eaton in 1981.

The 1984 edition of this title ended in a tie meaning Mike Close (199) and Frankie Wainman (212) were declared the winners.

With five wins a piece Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) and John Lund (53) sit at the top of the Most Wins list.

The title was last staged at the Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield in 1998. To date, Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) remains the last winner of the title.

Most Wins By A Driver

1John Lund (53)5
=Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)5
3Stuart Smith (391/1)3
4Frankie Wainman (212)2 1/2

Most Podiums By A Driver

1John Lund (53)10
2Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)8
3Frankie Wainman (212)6 1/2
4Bert Finnikin (55)5
=Paul Harrison (2/22)5
6Peter Falding (33/1)4
=Stuart Smith (391/1)4
8Willie Harrison (2)3
=Len Wolfenden (190)3
10Andy Smith (391)2

Full List Of Winners

1979BradfordStuart Smith (391)Frankie Wainman (212)Willie Harrison (2)
1980LeicesterStuart Smith (391)Willie Harrison (2)Frankie Wainman (212)
1981Long EatonStuart Smith (1)Frankie Wainman (212)Len Wolfenden (190)
1982CoventryBert Finnikin (55)Dave Berresford (260)Stuart Smith (1)
1983BradfordDave Mellor (304)Willie Harrison (2)John Lund (53)
1984Belle VueMike Close (199) (Tie)Frankie Wainman (212) (Tie)Harry Smith (100)
1985Belle VueFrankie Wainman (212)Bert Finnikin (55)Nigel Whorton (422)
1986SheffieldFrankie Wainman (212)John Lund (53)Bert Finnikin (55)
1987NorthamptonJohn Lund (53)Len Wolfenden (190)Bert Finnikin (55)
1988CoventryJohn Lund (53)Graham Blundell (156)Frankie Wainman (212)
1989Long EatonLen Wolfenden (190)John Lund (53)Peter Falding (33)
1990CoventryJohn Lund (53)Bert Finnikin (55)Paul Harrison (22)
1991BostonFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Steve Hodgson (172)Paul Harrison (2)
1992BradfordJohn Lund (53)Paul Harrison (2)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
1993StokeJohn Lund (53)Peter Falding (33)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
1994Long EatonPeter Falding (1)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Paul Harrison (2)
1995BuxtonFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Andy Smith (391)John Lund (53)
1996Long EatonFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Peter Falding (33)Paul Harrison (2)
1997SkegnessFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)John Lund (53)Andy Smith (391)
1998SheffieldFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Andy Turner (488)Rob Scriven (117)