Getting Started

  • The stars of the show are the drivers, who have a varied range of ages from as young as 16 to our “senior” drivers who can race up to 60+.
  • We have both men and women racing against each other trying to beat the others to the chequed flag.
  • You might see drivers with the same surname, that’s because full families race against each other, father/son, father/daughter, brothers, brother/sister and many other relations as well.
  • Drivers race two surfaces,
    * Shale – a special mix of various aggregate materials to make a slippy surface, with drivers racing sideways for the fastest times.
    * Tarmac – basically the same as the road, fast and furious.
  • Drivers race in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Full contact is allowed and encouraged, drivers are allowed to hit other cars to move them out of the way to advance their position, but the idea is to win the race.
  • The fastest drivers can be found at the back of the grid at the start of the race, making each race a fight to the front.
  • There’s various races over the evening known as the race format, this typically includes Heats, a Grand Final and a Grand National (end of meeting race after the Grand Final)
  • The drivers race for points and wins. Certain meetings count for entry into special championships.
  • First across the finish line wins.

That’s just a small taste to get you started. Search under the header ‘Beginners Guide’ where you’ll find more information.