The Chase 2020 Championship

The Chase 2020 Championship


“The Chase 2020” – BriSCA F1 celebrate our frontline workers!

BriSCA F1 is back for 2020 with a limited series of eleven events.

These have been difficult and tragic times however, BriSCA, BMB and BSCDA are delighted to return with selected events during the late Summer and autumn with our fans enabling our sport to move towards some form a normality.

2020 is designed to be purely for ‘fun’ with all major championships deferred until the 2021 season. However, the BMB have put together a unique and fitting mini series designed to create some inertia, competition and fun whilst celebrating and thanking our frontline workers that have supported us beyond the call of duty throughout the most difficult times.

The idea has been put together with Commander David Crosby and race fans with the intent to include a fund raising element across the series so we as BriSCA F1 can say our own ‘thank you’ to worthy support charities.

How It Works

Attendance points

All drivers will automatically receive points for each meeting they race at. For each meeting, 10 points will be rewarded to a driver up until and including the 9th round meaning the maximum attendance points a driver can gain will be 90.

Point scoring

All races (except stand alone white and yellows races) will be based on the number of cars that take to the grid in each race. Points will be scored for all finishing drivers as recorded by MyLaps down to 1 point.

For example; 24 cars in a race will see the winner scoring 24 pts, 2nd scoring 23 pts, 3rd scoring 22 pts and so on, down to 24th for 1 point. If only 6 cars finish, points will only be scored down to 6th place.

Grand Final winners will still start “The Chase” Grand National a lap down and will be awarded double points wherever they finish. They will not receive the standard 5 bonus points if they finish outside the top 12.

Rainbow Joker

Drivers will be allowed to play one Rainbow Joker which must be confirmed when booking in a week previous. When the joker is in play all points scored at that meeting will be doubled, including attendance points.

Points will be scored for “The Chase” up to Round 9.

“The Chase” Championship Final

“The Chase” Championship Final race takes place at Bradford in 2021 due to the suspension of the 2020 season.

The race will see 24 cars take to a closed grid Final in points scoring order. Subject to confirmation there will be a last chance race where two positions will be up for grabs. The first and second place driver will take to the back row of the “The Chase” Championship Final race. A full format meeting will follow.

There will also be “The Chase” Championship grade award winners from the rounds prior to the Grand Final.

Winner – Lee Fairhurst (217)

Photo: Colin Casserley

Title and Roof Colour

TitleThe Chase 2020 Champion
Roof ColourRainbow