All around the raceway you will see marshals using flags to notify the drivers to perform certain actions, below is a quick guide to what each flag colour means.

Flag ColourActionWho

Displayed to all drivers to tell them that racing can begin.All Marshalls
YellowDisplayed to all drivers to tell them that the racing must be paused as something has happened on the race track which requires attention. All Marshalls

Displayed to all drivers to tell them that they must stop racing immediately as something has happened on the race track which requires immediate attention.All Marshalls

Black and White Chequers
The race has finished. The first person to recieve this flag is the winner of the race. Starter Only

Union Flag
Displayed to all drivers telling them that the race has reached it’s half way point.Starter Only

Lap Boards
Although not a flag, the lap boards are displayed to the drivers when the race has 5 laps to go until completion, each lap a new lap board will be shown until the chequered flag is shown.Starter Only

White with a Red Cross
The driver this is displayed to is required to retire from the race due to a technical disqualification. This is used to signify to the driver that they have a problem with their car and must immediately retire to the infield. Starter Only

White flag with Blue Spot
The white flag with a blue spot is used to warn drivers that there is oil or other debris on the track, however racing may continue.Starter Only

The driver this is displayed too must retire immediately from the race.Starter Only


Photo: Colin Casserley

The starter stands on a small raised podium at the start/finish line. His/her job is to signal to the drivers and to the fans. This includes flags and lap boards described above and also signalling to the drivers their current position.

If you ever get stuck on who’s winning, or roughly where your favourite driver is, watch the starter signalling the drivers through.