Roof Colours

Roof Colours

Each driver on the grid will be displaying a roof colour known as a grade. The grading is worked out based on past performances across a set number of meetings. Drivers can go up and down the grades. The colour of the grade determines the drivers roof colour, with championships held during the year that also grant the driver to wear a specific colour.


C Grade (Front of the grid)

B Grade

A Grade

Star Grade

Red & Flashing Lights
Superstar Grade (Back of the grid)

There will be a number of champions racing with different coloured wings, these are graded the same as all other drivers but successfully winning a championship grants them access to wear a different coloured wing.

World Champion

National Points Champion

Black & White Chequered
British Champion

Red & Orange Chequered
European Champion

Red with Gold Stripe
Venray Gold Cup Champion (Holland)