About the BSCDA

About the BSCDA

Stock Car Racing took the tracks by storm in 1954 and the first season of racing was hectic, with no rules as such. If the sport was going to survive it needed to get itself organised.

The British Stock Car Drivers Association (BSCDA) was founded on 12th February 1955 at a meeting in London’s Holborn Hall by the Southern drivers, electing popular driver Tony Rumfitt as their Chairman. Two days later in Halifax the Northern drivers met up and formed their BSCDA with Starter, Cliff Rourke as Chairman.

Not all the names of the founder members are known but those we do know are Tony Rumfitt, Vic Ferriday, Digger Pugh, Whiskers Woolnough and Jack Voss who was made Secretary of the club.

At a BSCDA meeting at the Methodist Hall in Sheffield in late January 1956 the Northern drivers were joined by the Southern drivers and the two organisations were merged

Things were now moving at quite a pace, and eight days later on the 4th February at the Secular Hall, Leicester, the Midland drivers were incorporated making the BSCDA a single fully National Organisation.

The Sport now really could move forward, the BSCDA was set up to look after the interests of the drivers and the sport as a whole. The BSCDA could work effectively with Promoters for the good of the sport, a perfect example was the formation of the Board of Control in 1958, which agreed rules and regulations all to benefit everyone involved and allow the world of Stock Car Racing to grow. Since then over 100 people have served their fellow drivers by being members of the Committee.

In 1976 the Driver’s Benevolent Fund was formed to help those having to take time away from work with racing injuries. This was registered as a Charity in 1984 and became known as the BSCDA Trust Fund, whose Honorary Treasurer is Craig Haworth.

Each year in November the Association hold a Dinner Dance and Awards Presentation to recognise the year’s on track achievers.

Anyone can join the BSCDA and become an Associate Member where you will receive all newsletters and information about the BSCDA.

Another way of becoming involved is joining the Association as a sponsor, whether it is for a race series or an advert in the newsletter, there are many sponsorship opportunities available, please ask for more details.

The BSCDA is celebrating their 65th year during 2020 and they are looking forward to continuing to make the sport of BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Car Racing a spectacle to watch nationwide.