The Cars

  1. Bumpers – The bumpers are fitted at each end of the car and are there to be used to push other competitors wide into the corners to be able to pass them, lots of skill involved here from a gentle nudge to a big “last bender”.
  2. Nerf Rail / Bar – These are the side protection of the car, helping to protect the side and the wheels as it rubs against the fence and other cars, they are also used mid corner as an additional way of moving other competitors wide.
  3. Engine – The engine lives under the panels in the space here, most engines in BriSCA F1 are Small or Big Block Chevrolet V8 engines which have a huge amount of power and minimal silencing, two speed gearboxes are used with only the second speed used for racing, gears are set up depending on the track.
  4. Wing – The wings vary in design mostly depending on the surface and the track being raced on, they are an aid to keeping the car stable in the corners and on the straights.
  5. Wheels & Tyres – Wheels are specially fabricated as they have to deal with a lot of stress not normally found in an average wheel, they vary in depth and width depending on which corner of the car they are fitted, tyres are a mixture of rally tyre and special tyres made for BriSCA F1 by American Racer.
  6. Chassis and Roll Cage – Each and every BriSCA F1 Stock Car is custom made using high grade steel throughout, the roll cage is of a six post design which is very strong and protects the driver from injury of a rollover was to happen, the cab sides are of plated steel with tubular reinforcements, the nature of the racing means that the chassis also has to be very strong to withstand impact.
  7. Driver Safety – In all forms of oval racing safety is paramount, for BriSCA F1 the driver wears fireproof underwear, followed by a fireproof race suit and fire proof gloves, head and neck protection devices are also used, of course the driver will also wear helmet and goggles, the car has at the least, a five point safety harness bolted to the chassis holding the driver secure, and the driver sits in a specially made seat with side and head supports, often called “full containment” seats.
  8. The Track – Comes in two different varieties in BriSCA F1 but only one shape – Oval, Tarmac like a traditional racing track, and Shale which is a loose surface “dirt” type of track such as in this photo, each track is unique in its own right and the driver and team set the car up specially for each track.
  9. The Fence – This is the outer perimeter of the track and is mostly made up of either stacked armco plating like in this photo, or steel posts with hawser steel ropes strung between each each post, many drivers often finish their race “in the fence” because their opponents pushed them there.
  10. The Crowd – This could be YOU! Oval racing is unique in that the crowd can get very close to the action with viewing right next to the track, the track being an oval means you can see whats going on all the way around the circuit, including the Starter, the crowd can be big especially at big events and the atmosphere cannot be matched, all BriSCA F1 tracks have a little space ready for you and your family to come along and enjoy the spectacle of BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing, We hope to see you soon.