Off Track: Lockdown with Kev Smith (ex-64) – Part One

Off Track: Lockdown with Kev Smith (ex-64) – Part One

17 June 2020 0 By bscda

The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you an interview with someone who has been mentioned quite a lot in interviews over the last couple of weeks. That person is Kev Smith (ex 64) all the way from New Zealand.

This interview has been split into two parts due to Kev’s excellent storytelling. Be assured, it’s worth the watch and we discuss various topics such as:

How he started his career, and the ‘before he was old enough’ test drive as Neil Briggs farm.

That 1991 semi final race. Why he did what he did and his reflections afterwards.

His WF podium finishes and the reason he didn’t make it three on the bounce in 1995.

His racing style and why he raced the way he did.

That Kev Clare incident.

The Tony Cole era.

Why he had a council sign as a sump guard.

The reason for racing on the dirt tracks in Holland.

His views on New Zealand and the racing there.

And….his many funniest moments in stock cars.

This is definitely not one to miss (neither is part two) and we hope you enjoy this fantastic interview.