BriSCA F1 Statement – Live Streaming

BriSCA F1 Statement – Live Streaming

31 July 2021 Off By bscda

The BriSCA Management Board comprising BriSCA Promoters and the BSCDA once again advise that the Live streaming of race events by any form of device is strictly prohibited and to any groups without specific consent agreed from either the BMB or individual promoters for any form of transmission. Recordings may be made entirely for an individuals private enjoyment but not transmission. The BMB has absolutely no issue with attendees post event putting on line ‘clips’ etc however, the ‘Live Stream’ of racing IS forbidden. 

Commercially, times are challenging for ‘all sports and activities’ and, whilst we understand that it is popular for ‘fans’ it is detrimental for the sport. 

To service the sport, promoters and BMB are working on different options for the future in terms of Live streaming events commercially to ‘service’ fans, indeed an option already exists to subscribe at one promotions venues, however this has to be a commercial factor as, to survive, there has to be a revenue stream to both cover cost and bring revenue in otherwise the sport will die – we are a live on the day entertainment that relies upon paying spectators. We would politely request that this desists with immediate effect to prevent any further escalation. You may contact individual promotions to seek their agreement for any event that you may consider you wish to continue with. At this juncture it is not our desire to escalate further action however the sport must protect itself and Intellectual property right’s. The BMB will monitor in the future. 

For and on behalf BriSCA Management Board / British Stock Car Association & British Stock Car Drivers Association