Triple record breaker

15 June 2022 Off By bscda

BriSCA F1 is a unique sport in many ways and spectators at the Sheffield WCQR meeting witnessed three of the sports records been broken, and all in one race by one driver, John Lund (53).

The race was the Grand Final which Lund won, making him the sports oldest Final winner of all time, at the age of 68 years 151 days, beating previous holder of the title Rob Cowley who was 63 yrs 341 days.

Lund also joins Darkie Wright (7/360) in the unique club which consists of only three drivers, their achievement being Grand Finals winners in their 60’s.

The next record broken involves the span between a drivers first final win, and their last, a title previously held by Lund but was wrestled from him in October 2021, by Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) 33 yrs 363 days.

Back on 10th October 1976 at Rochdale, Lund won his first final the “Yorkshire Trophy”.

At the time, Jim Callaghan was Prime Minister, Mississippi was top of the charts with Pussy Cat, a pint of milk was 9p, a loaf of bread 19p, a pint of beer 32p, and a gallon of petrol 77p. Now fast forward 45 years 245 days and Lund delights the crowds at Sheffield winning the Final and totally smashing the previous record. For his nearest rival to beat this, it will be take them to win a Final in 2034.

The third achievement by winning the Grand Final means that Lund is the only driver to win a Grand Final in six consecutive decades (70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s 20’s).

Records are there to be broken!