ORCi Statement – Ryan Harrison (197)

29 July 2022 Off By bscda

The ORCi convened a panel as a result of a request for an appeal by 197 Ryan Harrison following an incident in the European Championship at Northampton against the orginal BMB decision

The original decision was reviewed by the ORCi.

On this occasion, the panel exercised it’s opinion that given the evidence, they deemed the initial decision insufficient on the basis a Category A offence as defined by the rule book which they considered demanded a higher sentence, in this case for ramming a stationary car.

The appeal panel have therefore completed the hearing and amended the original ban with a unanimous decision. They ORCi have issued as follows:

  1. 197 is banned from racing for the remainder of the 2022 season
  2. 197 may return to racing at the commencement of the 2023 season with a 12 month suspended ban

Issued by ORCi 29th July 2022