Friday 8th/Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th September 2023 – Northampton World Championship Weekend

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From Spedeworth

Spedeworth/Incarace are proud to be hosting the 2023 BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Championship at Northampton International Shaleway from the 8th – 10th September.

Tickets are available now and can be purchased either online via the link below or by calling 01252 322920 (Advance Tickets)

So, what ticket options do you have?

The advanced tickets options are as follows:-

  • 3 Day Ticket
  • 1 Day Friday Ticket (E-Ticket)
  • 1 Day Saturday Ticket (World Final Day)
  • 1 Day Sunday Ticket (E-Ticket)
  • Camping Pass

Advanced tickets will close on Tuesday 5th September at 1pm!! (Subject to availability).

3 day advance ticket and Saturday Only advance ticket options are subject to a £4.00 administration charge per order.

If you choose to purchase tickets on arrival at the event you can only purchase a ticket per day so to avoid the queues if you know which days you are coming take advantage of the discounted prices of purchasing in advance. 

Please note that the 3 day ticket option is only available in advance. HOWEVER, as an added bonus if you are bringing children with you for the three days make sure you add your 3-Day child tickets into your order alongside your other tickets and you will qualify for our KIDS GO FREE* deal!!

There will be three ways to purchase your advanced tickets:-

Option 1:- You can order your tickets online and collect them from the stadium on the day of the event. Please use the link below to be re-directed to the online shop.

Option 2:- Tickets can be purchased by calling 01252 322920 and providing your details over the phone. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Option 3:- Tickets can be purchased from the Gamble Motorsport Trade Stand at most Incarace events.

Advanced tickets are now available for collection only. Delivery options are no longer available.

Admission Prices

Advance Tickets

3 Day Tickets

  • Adult (15+) – £70
  • Concession (66+) – £64
  • Concession (0-14 yrs) – FREE

1 Day Ticket – Friday

  • Adult (15+) – £22
  • Concession (66+) – £20
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £10
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE

1 Day Ticket – Saturday

  • Adult (15+) – £40
  • Concession (66+) – £38
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £10
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE

1 Day Ticket – Sunday

  • Adult (15+) – £22
  • Concession (66+) – £20
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £10
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE

Please note:- 3-day tickets and Saturday only tickets will be issued as a physical ticket. Friday & Sunday tickets will be issued via the e-ticketing system to your email address.

The camping charge is payable by ALL vehicles / units at £35.00 for the whole event, including Thursday evening and you may stay on Sunday evening if you wish also.

On The Day Tickets


  • Adult (15+) – £24
  • Concession (66+) – £22
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £12
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE


  • Adult (15+) – £45
  • Concession (66+) – £43
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £12
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE


  • Adult (15+) – £24
  • Concession (66+) – £22
  • Concession (5-14 yrs) – £12
  • Concession (0-4 yrs) – FREE


Finally, the grandstand news is here!

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for your patience in waiting for the news regarding the grandstand seating for the BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Championship. Complications have resulted in delays but we are now in a position to release the long awaited news.

Initially the grandstand tickets will be sold for 3-day use. What does this mean? If you purchase your grandstand tickets now you will be guaranteed your seat for the full event. Saturday only tickets are NOT available at this time and will only go on sale if there is any seat availability after this first purchase opportunity.

You will have the opportunity to select which BLOCK of the grandstand you would like and either front, middle or back seating but specific seats will be allocated by our team based on your choice subject to availability. The grandstand PDF to view is available via the link below.

For the first week of sale the price per seat is £35.00 for the 3-day seating ticket. Please note that this price does NOT include your admission. If you have already purchased your admission tickets then you can call and upgrade to add a grandstand seating ticket or if you have not purchased any tickets yet you can do all your ticket order in one go when calling to purchase your seat(s).

From Wednesday 23rd August 2023 at 2pm (subject to availability) grandstand seating will be available to purchase for either the 3-days or for Saturday only. The ticket price from this time will be £40.00 for Saturday only purchase or £45.00 for 3-day purchase.

We would like to take this opportunity to be honest with everyone and explain that each seat is costing us £48.00 to hire so the price to some may seem high but we are still not making a profit on the grandstand but we appreciate that a grandstand is necessary for the BriSCA F1 World Championship.

Opening Times

Please find below information regarding the opening times for the stadium and camping for the event:-

Thursday 7th September
2:00pm – Camping Field Opens
(Please use the field gate as signposted from the main road and not the stadium Main entrance gate).
Do NOT arrive before this time as queuing on the road outside the raceway is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

Friday 8th September
8:00am – Competitors gate opens to non-UK competitors
11:00am – Advanced ticket collection point opens
1:00pm – Competitors gate opens to UK BriSCA F1 Stock Cars & National Saloon Stock Cars
2:00pm – Spectator gates open

Saturday 9th September
9:00am – Competitors gate opens & Advanced ticket collection point opens
10:00am – Spectator gates open

Sunday 10th September
9:00am – Competitors gate opens & Advanced ticket collection point opens
10:00am – Spectator gates open

Booking Lists


1H6Pascal SpigtThe Netherlands
2H14Rick WobbesThe Netherlands
3H27Rutger ValkThe Netherlands
4H36Wendy KoopmansThe Netherlands
5H38Bart Koopmans The Netherlands
6H47Danny van WamelenThe Netherlands
7H48Niek DamstraThe Netherlands
8H54Sierd de VriesThe Netherlands
9H56Jorn AdemaThe Netherlands
10H61Koen MarisThe Netherlands
11H76Wierd GietemaThe Netherlands
12H79Louw de VriesThe Netherlands
13H86Edwin PloegThe Netherlands
14H90Roelof van der VeenThe Netherlands
15H99Johan CatsburgThe Netherlands
16H100Joey slooffThe Netherlands
17H104Jan VrieswijkThe Netherlands
18H124Wim PeetersThe Netherlands
19H141Richard FalkenaThe Netherlands
20H152Gert-jan KlokThe Netherlands
21H161Tom MarisThe Netherlands
22H179Sjaak KentieThe Netherlands
23H181Mark VeenstraThe Netherlands
24H195Harmen ZwerverThe Netherlands
25H214Dennis SintebinThe Netherlands
26H215Albert SikkemaThe Netherlands
27H226Pieter van der IestThe Netherlands
28H229Tsjalle GreidanusThe Netherlands
29H240Henk-Jan RonitzThe Netherlands
30H248Mika RonitzThe Netherlands
31H295Willem ZwerverThe Netherlands
32H296Wim GroszpietschThe Netherlands
33H311Remco DijkstraThe Netherlands
34H315Jaap hiemstraThe Netherlands
35H317Hindrik GommersThe Netherlands
36H332Nathalie WekemaThe Netherlands
37H337Dennis TesselaarThe Netherlands
38H410Jelle TesselaarThe Netherlands
39H418Niels TesselaarThe Netherlands
40H496Luke GroszpietschThe Netherlands
41H511Arjen de WildeThe Netherlands
42H592Auke OsingaThe Netherlands
43H603Rogier van BaarenThe Netherlands
44H604Stefan van RossumThe Netherlands
45H618Wybe de VriesThe Netherlands
46H625Yne Wiebe TerpstraThe Netherlands
47H627Teun CommandeurThe Netherlands
48H661Jeffrey PikkertThe Netherlands
49H717Willem BasThe Netherlands
50H800Jaro van de VondervoortThe Netherlands
51NZ1kAsher ReesNew Zealand
52NZ26kMitch VickeryNew Zealand
53NZ26vKaelin Timms-MooneyNew Zealand
54NZ34pRebecca BarrNew Zealand
55USA52AJ DancerUSA

Saturday – (Subject to confirmation after Friday’s event)

World Finalists

#NameHome Town
15Charlie SworderMolesworth
28Catherine HarrisWinderton
311Neil ScrivenGloucester
416Matt NewsonNorwich
520Liam GilbankRotherham
625Bradley HarrisonRotherham
755Craig FinnikinLeek
884Tom HarrisManchester
9166Bobby GriffinRetford
10172Mickey RandallSharnford
11175Karl HawkinsSilsden
12216Jack FranceCleckheaton
13217Lee FairhurstOssett
14242Joe NickollsMelton Mowbray
15259Paul HinesHinckley
16381Tyrone EvansTipton
17501George ElwellStowe by Chartley
18515Frankie WainmanSilsden
19525Nigel De KockThe Netherlands
20587Sam BriggHuddersfield
21H48Niek DamstraThe Netherlands
22H61Koen MarisThe Netherlands
23H86Edwin PloegThe Netherlands
24H99Johan CatsburgThe Netherlands
25H124Wim PeetersThe Netherlands
26H181Mark VeenstraThe Netherlands
27H229Tsjalle GreidanusThe Netherlands
28H410Jelle TesselaarThe Netherlands
29H418Niels TesselaarThe Netherlands
30H618Wybe de VriesThe Netherlands
31NZ1kAsher ReesNew Zealand
32NZ26kMitch VickeryNew Zealand
33NZ26vKaelin Timms-MooneyNew Zealand
34NZ34pRebecca BarrNew Zealand

Consolation Semi Finalists

352Paul HarrisonRotherham
3612Michael ScrivenFairford
3721Mark GilbankRotherham
3873Chris CowleyNuneaton
3993Sam MakimElswick
40120Casey EnglestoneEast Ruston
41124Kyle GrayThrapston
42127Austin MooreBlackburn
43191Joshua SmithRugby
44211Phoebe Wainman-HawkinsSilsden
45212Daniel WainmanSilsden
46235Mick HaworthBlackburn
47249Jof GibsonBury
48268Richard WoodsNewark
49289Jake WalkerChesterfield
50326Mark SargentSpalding
51346Ashley EnglandBrentwood
52364Rob PlantMilnrow
53368Callum ThorntonRiseley
54415Russell CooperSawston
55452Joshua SpiersEvesham
56457Callum GillKing’s Lynn
57463James MorrisWarrington
58502Ricky WilsonKeighley
59526Finn SargentSpalding
60555Frankie Wainman Jnr JnrSilsden


6131Oliver WadsworthDewsbury
6245Nigel HarrhyHampton in Arden
6367Henry RobsonDarlington
6478Lewis GalerKing’s Lynn
6597Ryan HarrisonDesborough
66185Lenny SmithBurton on Trent
67215Geoff NickollsMelton Mowbray
68295Louis GoodwinTrelawynd
69335Mark Woodhull Loughborough
70345Jake HarrhyCoventry
71414Harley HaltonByfield
72499Marc ClaytonNorth Kelsey Moor
73532Daz KitsonMarch
74541Willie SkoylesKing’s Lynn
75545William AdamsKidderminster
76548Daniel BrookeHalifax
77580Matty AllmanNorthants
78H6Pascal SpigtThe Netherlands
79H14Rick WobbesThe Netherlands
80H27Rutger ValkThe Netherlands
81H36Wendy KoopmansThe Netherlands
82H38Bart Koopmans The Netherlands
83H47Danny van WamelenThe Netherlands
84H54Sierd de VriesThe Netherlands
85H56Jorn AdemaThe Netherlands
86H76Wierd GietemaThe Netherlands
87H79Louw de VriesThe Netherlands
88H90Roelof van der VeenThe Netherlands
89H100Joey slooffThe Netherlands
90H104Jan VrieswijkThe Netherlands
91H141Richard FalkenaThe Netherlands
92H152Gert-jan KlokThe Netherlands
93H161Tom MarisThe Netherlands
94H179Sjaak KentieThe Netherlands
95H195Harmen ZwerverThe Netherlands
96H214Dennis SintebinThe Netherlands
97H215Albert SikkemaThe Netherlands
98H226Pieter van der IestThe Netherlands
99H240Henk-Jan RonitzThe Netherlands
100H248Mika RonitzThe Netherlands
101H295Willem ZwerverThe Netherlands
102H296Wim GroszpietschThe Netherlands
103H311Remco DijkstraThe Netherlands
104H315Jaap hiemstraThe Netherlands
105H317Hindrik GommersThe Netherlands
106H332Nathalie WekemaThe Netherlands
107H337Dennis TesselaarThe Netherlands
108H496Luke GroszpietschThe Netherlands
109H511Arjen de WildeThe Netherlands
110H592Auke OsingaThe Netherlands
111H603Rogier van BaarenThe Netherlands
112H604Stefan van RossumThe Netherlands
113H625Yne Wiebe TerpstraThe Netherlands
114H627Teun CommandeurThe Netherlands
115H661Jeffrey PikkertThe Netherlands
116H717Willem BasThe Netherlands
117H800Jaro van de VondervoortThe Netherlands

Sunday – (Subject to confirmation after Saturday’s event)

#NameHome Town
12Paul HarrisonRotherham
25Charlie SworderMolesworth
38Catherine HarrisWinderton
411Neil ScrivenGloucester
512Michael ScrivenFairford
616Matt NewsonNorwich
720Liam GilbankRotherham
821Mark GilbankRotherham
925Bradley HarrisonRotherham
1031Oliver WadsworthDewsbury
1145Nigel HarrhyHampton in Arden
1255Craig FinnikinLeek
1367Henry RobsonDarlington
1473Chris CowleyNuneaton
1578Lewis GalerKing’s Lynn
1684Tom HarrisManchester
1793Sam MakimElswick
1897Ryan HarrisonDesborough
19120Casey EnglestoneEast Ruston
20124Kyle GrayThrapston
21127Austin MooreBlackburn
22166Bobby GriffinRetford
23172Mickey RandallSharnford
24175Karl HawkinsSilsden
25185Lenny SmithBurton on Trent
26191Joshua SmithRugby
27211Phoebe Wainman-HawkinsSilsden
28212Daniel WainmanSilsden
29215Geoff NickollsMelton Mowbray
30216Jack FranceCleckheaton
31217Lee FairhurstOssett
32235Mick HaworthBlackburn
33242Joe NickollsMelton Mowbray
34249Jof GibsonBury
35259Paul HinesHinckley
36268Richard WoodsNewark
37289Jake WalkerChesterfield
38295Louis GoodwinTrelawynd
39326Mark SargentSpalding
40335Mark Woodhull Loughborough
41345Jake HarrhyCoventry
42346Ashley EnglandBrentwood
43364Rob PlantMilnrow
44368Callum ThorntonRiseley
45381Tyrone EvansTipton
46414Harley HaltonByfield
47415Russell CooperSawston
48452Joshua SpiersEvesham
49457Callum GillKing’s Lynn
50463James MorrisWarrington
51499Marc ClaytonNorth Kelsey Moor
52501George ElwellStowe by Chartley
53502Ricky WilsonKeighley
54515Frankie WainmanSilsden
55525Nigel De KockThe Netherlands
56526Finn SargentSpalding
57532Daz KitsonMarch
58541Willie SkoylesKing’s Lynn
59545William AdamsKidderminster
60548Daniel BrookeHalifax
61555Frankie Wainman Jnr JnrSilsden
62580Matty AllmanNorthants
63587Sam BriggHuddersfield
64H6Pascal SpigtThe Netherlands
65H14Rick WobbesThe Netherlands
66H27Rutger ValkThe Netherlands
67H36Wendy KoopmansThe Netherlands
68H38Bart Koopmans The Netherlands
69H47Danny van WamelenThe Netherlands
70H48Niek DamstraThe Netherlands
71H54Sierd de VriesThe Netherlands
72H56Jorn AdemaThe Netherlands
73H61Koen MarisThe Netherlands
74H76Wierd GietemaThe Netherlands
75H79Louw de VriesThe Netherlands
76H86Edwin PloegThe Netherlands
77H90Roelof van der VeenThe Netherlands
78H99Johan CatsburgThe Netherlands
79H100Joey slooffThe Netherlands
80H104Jan VrieswijkThe Netherlands
81H124Wim PeetersThe Netherlands
82H141Richard FalkenaThe Netherlands
83H152Gert-jan KlokThe Netherlands
84H161Tom MarisThe Netherlands
85H179Sjaak KentieThe Netherlands
86H181Mark VeenstraThe Netherlands
87H195Harmen ZwerverThe Netherlands
88H214Dennis SintebinThe Netherlands
89H215Albert SikkemaThe Netherlands
90H226Pieter van der IestThe Netherlands
91H229Tsjalle GreidanusThe Netherlands
92H240Henk-Jan RonitzThe Netherlands
93H248Mika RonitzThe Netherlands
94H295Willem ZwerverThe Netherlands
95H296Wim GroszpietschThe Netherlands
96H311Remco DijkstraThe Netherlands
97H315Jaap hiemstraThe Netherlands
98H317Hindrik GommersThe Netherlands
99H332Nathalie WekemaThe Netherlands
100H337Dennis TesselaarThe Netherlands
101H410Jelle TesselaarThe Netherlands
102H418Niels TesselaarThe Netherlands
103H496Luke GroszpietschThe Netherlands
104H511Arjen de WildeThe Netherlands
105H592Auke OsingaThe Netherlands
106H603Rogier van BaarenThe Netherlands
107H604Stefan van RossumThe Netherlands
108H618Wybe de VriesThe Netherlands
109H625Yne Wiebe TerpstraThe Netherlands
110H627Teun CommandeurThe Netherlands
111H661Jeffrey PikkertThe Netherlands
112H717Willem BasThe Netherlands
113H800Jaro van de VondervoortThe Netherlands
114NZ1kAsher ReesNew Zealand
115NZ26kMitch VickeryNew Zealand
116NZ26vKaelin Timms-MooneyNew Zealand
117NZ34pRebecca BarrNew Zealand
118USA52AJ DancerUSA