2 October 2020 2 By bscda

It very much is with a heavy heart that due to changes in government advice twice in recent weeks, we have ‘lost’ our battle to re-open Sheffield in 2020. We originally obtained permission to operate on 4th October from the local authority with a restricted crowd of around 1000 inside and outside, whilst marginal viability wise ‘we simply wanted to go racing’!

However mid September, that changed when the Prime Minister announced further restrictions including the suspension of experiments at Sports Grounds with the aim of returning crowds to Sports stadiums, due 1st October. The local authority then withdrew permission for the 4th, believing guidance for the 1st would be just too soon to interpret. Therefore, with the co-operation of colleagues, we acted swiftly to move the date back, which the council at the time accepted and with the stadium undertook considerable planning for zones, bubbles, stewarding, catering and bars which were submitted. However last week the PM introduced more restrictions and crowds returning to Sports stadiums was pushed back as you will see from media reports and football in particular. Therefore, we cannot run at present. It becomes quite complex to understand in the different regulations for different stadiums, defined as ‘elite sports stadiums’ and then actual licensing laws. The irony, we COULD have operated with a maximum of around 380 people BUT restricted to ‘inside only’ in bars and restaurant as this comes under different licensing laws/rules however that was 30% of what would be required to break even and ‘unviable’. Like for many others, it has been a heart breaking season.

In recent days, we have been looking at what could be resolved. We received support from colleague promoters and, therefore it has been a case of reviewing ‘what is best for the sport’ – Buster and the TSR team volunteered King’s Lynn therefore we have decided in everyone’s interest that we will host the season finale at King’s Lynn on Sunday 8th November at 1:30pm. We then had a huge conflict as to what should the support be as, at Sheffield, it was due to be F2. However, we made the decision to put the National Ministox British Championship as the support for BriSCA F1, not an easy one however being a championship and having no shale racing in 2020 since lockdown and our equal enthusiasm for the formula, we felt this the appropriate ‘quality’ support that BriSCA fans would appreciate. Three formula and pit space and restrictions on people numbers would not permit those thoughts.

Thanks to colleague BriSCA promoters and BSCDA and thinking about our fans the Finale will go ahead on SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER at 1:30pm. We appreciate Buster’s support as the stadium has a busy weekend and had to re arrange something else to accommodate us, for that we are grateful. So, it means Startrax go on tour for our third event of 2020, but please understand, we feel ‘crushed’ and ‘dispirited’ by the whole year, but you have to pick yourself up, dust down and try and do the right thing – We feel we have let us all down, which of course is just a feeling and it is the circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment as there was a good buzz for Sheffield, however, with the BSCDA and our Chase fund raisers, we are going to start planning in the coming weeks working within the restrictions, the best show possible we can put on befitting a curtain closer for the most difficult season ever in our sports long history. We very much hope that race teams and fans will get behind us to bring the curtain down ‘with some style’. Thank you.

With regards the Sheffield on 18th October, that fixture WILL NOT be replaced, given a speed weekend the week prior on tarmac, we think it a step too far for drivers. We had been offered a venue however with seeking what credible ‘support’ we could run and possible available car numbers, we have integrity and want to guarantee, as best we can, a quality show and therefore fee it better for this date to be dropped and drivers to ‘recover’.

So, for clarity:

Sheffield 18th October CANCELLED – due to government restrictions

Sheffield 8th November NOW TRANSFERRED to KING’S LYNN with a 1:30pm start – AGAIN TICKET NUMBERS RESTRICTED, admission is strictly by advance ticket only and will be available from Tuesday 27th October via TSR website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Steve & Jackie